Diora Baird in Thor?

Diora likes all kinds of "clubbing"

Wishful thinking of self-promotion, whichever it is Diora Baird wants to be in Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Marvel's THOR, and so do we. I mean come one - Diora in Norse Goddess attire. No Oscar in sight, but lots of drooling smiles.

Taking to social networking like myriads of other stars, the actress Tweeted on Monday that she went as far as trying out for the movie. “Had an audition for the movie Thor today", the hot blond wrote. "Character description was 'pretty, but sturdy with muscle'. Damn type casting.” Oh please - you like the way you look, admit it!

With Natalie Portman already in as a modern-day nurse who falls for Chris Hemsworth's Donald Blake/Thor, Baird or anyone fitting the character description would surely play one of the Asgardian characters like Enchantress or the warrior woman Sif. Does this mean no Jessica Biel, or just an added bonus? Diora is quite the looker, but Jessica Biel...  I'd have to side with Jess.

Production is set for a May 2011 release date, so Branagh and Marvel still have a little time to look at both gals. And they probably will, if there's any brain cells in them. Until official announcements, here's one more argument in favor of Diora Baird for a part in the film.  

    Diora's MAXIM photoshoot

Extra Tidbit: It would take AT LEAST a Jessica Biel for me to overlook the fact they didn't cast Alexander Skarsgard as Thor. Everything about the guy SCREAMS Viking - he'd have been perfect for it.
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