Director Danny Boyle may take on some LA gangland werewolves

Filmmaker Danny Boyle is currently busy bringing flesh-creation FRANKENSTEIN to life on the London stage (and will also be broadcast in the US), but does he have more famous monsters in his future?

Boyle's writing collaborator Simon Beaufoy (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, 127 HOURS) is currently working on a werewolf script called SHARP TEETH.

As Beaufoy tells BBC America, "It's an adaptation of a book by a writer called Toby Barlow and it’s a very extraordinary mix of gangland Los Angeles, really, really rough — a lot of shootings — and the difference with this particular piece of work is that these gangs can shape-shift at will into packs of dogs."

Beaufoy has been researching the project in Los Angeles, doing ride-alongs with the LAPD and getting a closer look at the underbelly of the City of Angels.

And while Boyle isn't officially on board yet, Beaufoy is optimistic: "If I write it well enough, he’ll direct it."

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else remember the LA-based Mario Van Peebles werewolf-cop flick FULL ECLIPSE?
Source: BBC



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