Director Edgar Wright teases his involvement in another summer movie, but won't say which one

Director Edgar Wright is a busy man, to be sure, with the third part of his Blood and Ice Cream trilogy (or whatever version you're happy with calling it) THE WORLD'S END seeing release later this summer and his foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ANT-MAN, patiently waiting in the wings for a 2015 bow. With that said, Wright has dropped a Tweet hint that he has his hand in some other summer Kool-Aid, leading many to believe that the previously leaked ANT-MAN intro may be featured at the tail end of IRON MAN 3, rather than the rumored GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY lead-in.  Or, perhaps both?

Here's what Wright had to Tweet:

We could speculate wildly, of course, but I think the safe bet is on Wright being involved in directing something for Marvel. I don't think he'll have a segment in THE LONE RANGER, MAN OF STEEL, or THE WOLVERINE...right? 'Cause that would be crazy. Wright has popped up unannounced before, such as the case with Tarantino/Rodgriguez's GRINDHOUSE where he directed the spectacular faux trailer for DON'T, so it's hard to say just where he may turn up. Regardless, it's Wright, so you're guaranteed something really fun and cool, whether it's a post-credits sequence or not.

THE WORLD'S END debuts on August 23, 2013, while ANT-MAN waits in the stables for a November 6, 2015 release.

Extra Tidbit: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is one of my all-time favorite movies. That is all.
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