Director James Cameron believes that it's "absolutely inevitable" that all entertainment will be 3D

Director James Cameron has been a pioneer for the 3D medium with his most recent film, AVATAR, being shot in the native format and seemingly conquering the box office, taking the #1 top spot of all time. Cameron has long been a proponent of developing and refining the 3D format and continues to do so. Now, in an interview with BBC News, Cameron is saying that he believes all entertainment will eventually be in 3D.

"For me, it's absolutely inevitable that entertainment will be 3D, it'll all be 3D, eventually, because that's how we see the world."

Cameron goes on to explain this rationale, or "logic" as he puts it, and feels that the technology will be at forefront of our viewing in the future. He is also quick to point out that some of the problems with 3D right now is the poor conversion of many post-converted films, the use of glasses, and the low-light environment that 3D can create. "What we need is autosteroescopic screens and that's coming," says Cameron, who is supporting the process in development.

Cameron is realistic, however, on the timeline of 3D being everywhere, citing price points and the non-glasses, or autostereoscopic, experience as factors affecting the content. "...it's not happening right now...I've been saying for three years that we're two to three years away, so I suppose I should contract that down a little bit now..." Cameron believes that as the technology continues to advance and the experience is more refined the content will increase, thereby making the format more of a continuous presence, rather than a fleeting one.

The director is currently preparing to shoot back-to-back-to-back sequels to AVATAR with the first sequel hitting sometime in 2016. All of them will be in native 3D.

What do you think? Is autostereoscopic (glasses free) 3D an inevitability for all entertainment formats in the future?

Extra Tidbit: I know it's popular to disagree with Cameron, but I tend to agree here. If you get rid of the glasses, I think the next evolution is autostereoscopic 3D. I'm intrigued to see it take shape...
Source: BBC News



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