Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo dishes on Bioshock and his Highlander reboot

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It seems that in the mind of Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 WEEKS LATER), there can only be one.  Project he's working on, that is.  And that chosen project is the HIGHLANDER reboot, as he revealed in an interview with Quint (Eric Vespe) over at Ain't It Cool News.

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Fresnadillo has been attached to direct the BIOSHOCK adaptation for some time now but the movie is pretty much dead in the water.  Previous director/now producer Gore Verbinski explained a bit about what happened here, insofar as no studio being willing to do the material justice by allowing an R Rating or willing to front the necessary cash.  But lest you think this is a LONE RANGER-type situation, the price tag for BIOSHOCK was actually so high because Verbinski/Fresnadillo were planning to build huge detailed practical sets.

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And while Fresnadillo would have added a bit more CGI, "the most important thing is to make it feel like a real thing and I think you could do that with a good DP and a very real concept of the camera.  That was something I proposed from the beginning, (for it) to work as an experience, you know? From the very beginning to the very end tracking the point of view of the hero of the story, going with him."  And then there's the consideration that the game's story being very much a first person one, with the scripting of an identifiable, fully-formed lead character proving to be a bit difficult.  "You have to create a personality and the proper character to track that."

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Which leads us to the HIGHLANDER reboot and the original movie's darker tone.  "Immortality is a curse and I would love to feel that," said Fresnadillo.  "You are overcoming time, but you see at the same time that the most beautiful things, the things that you love, are dying and you continue this life as a tragedy. You can’t love with anyone because you’re going to lose that person.  I would love to introduce that flavor in a very strong way in the movie and at the same time the big connection with the Universe. “Why am I immortal? Why am I the chosen one?”  In that sense, the movie is an epic. I think it’s some kind of adventure romantic story about somebody who trying to share in his immortality with someone. I don’t want to reveal more than that, but there is a new revelation in the movie that is connecting with that in a very deep and strong way. If we make it, I hope you enjoy it!"

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Extra Tidbit: I'm actually kind of glad that BIOSHOCK isn't working out, as I'm beginning to be of the opinion that film adaptations of video games should tell a whole new story and leave most of what happened in the game alone.



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