Director of The Help Tate Taylor is in talks to remake UK miniseries The Jury

Tate Taylor wide picture

Tate Taylor, currently riding high in Hollywood's good graces for his Oscar-nominated adaptation of THE HELP, looks like he may be choosing a more contemporary tale of racial tension for his follow-up project.  Just as he wrote and directed THE HELP, so to is he currently hammering out a deal with Fox 2000 to write and direct a movie adaptation of the 2002 British miniseries THE JURY. 

Originally directed by Pete Travis (VANTAGE POINT, DREDD) and written by Peter Morgan (HEREAFTER, SKYFALL), THE JURY was about "the inner workings of the trial of a young Sikh student charged with murdering a classmate tormenter. The [miniseries] dug into the lives of the jurors and what propelled them as they moved toward a verdict." 

The rights were originally optioned back in 2007 by Marc Forster (MACHINE GUN PREACHER) with Beau Willimon (THE IDES OF MARCH) set to script, and while things never quite worked out Forster will still be producing the adaptation. 

So do you trust Taylor with material of this magnitude? The tensions surrounding THE JURY's particular situation haven't let up much at all in the intervening ten years - think Taylor can handle them in a way that extends beyond the expected?

Extra Tidbit: The cast of the original miniseries included Gerard Butler, Derek Jacobi, and Mark Strong.



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