Director Tony Scott considers a remake of Peckinpah's classic western The Wild Bunch

While his brother Ridley just made a surprising announcement to head back to the sci-fi world of his seminal BLADE RUNNER, filmmaker Tony Scott is also planning to revisit an influential classic. Just not one of his own.

Deadline says that Tony may reboot Sam Peckinpah's violent 1969 masterpiece THE WILD BUNCH, about an aging gang of robbers trying to get away with one final score in 1913 Texas. At the time, the film became notorious for its grim tone and graphic final shootout featuring lots of slo-mo carnage at the barrel of a Browning machinegun.

As we learned earlier this year, Warner Bros. has been planning to remake the brutal must-see Western (along with LETHAL WEAPON, WESTWORLD and THE DIRTY DOZEN, among others). And while Scott's intentions are as yet unknown, the previous plan was to bring the outlaw tale into modern times (screenwriter David Ayer, of HARSH TIMES and TRAINING DAY, wrote a draft).

Before that classic gets before Scott's hyperactive lens, he wants to get his HELL'S ANGELS movie on the road -- ideally with Jeff Bridges in the lead, contingent on the actor's availability. He's also kicking the tires on a possible return to TOP GUN, and is producing a couple dozen other projects with bro Ridley. The Scotts don't sleep much.

Extra Tidbit: Scott is no stranger to remakes, some (MAN ON FIRE) better than others (THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3). He also once planned a "reinvention" of Walter Hill's THE WARRIORS.
Source: Deadline



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