DirecTV launching controversial Home Premiere VOD this week

Ever since "premium VOD" was rumored as a possibility in Hollywood, it's been a controversial decision. Theater owners obviously hate the idea and some cinephiles were concerned it would dilute the movie-going experience. But regardless of any criticism, Warner Bros, Fox, Universal, Sony and DirecTV are launching the service on April 21.

Yesterday, DirecTV formally announced "Home Premiere," a new VOD service that would allow customers to rent movies 60 days after their theatrical release (movies typically aren't available on DVD or Blu-ray until approximately 120 days after release). The service will offer only one movie at a time and will launch with Sony's JUST GO WITH IT followed by THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, CEDAR RAPIDS and HALL PASS.

As you may have heard, the cost to rent these movies for 48-hours isn't cheap and DirecTV will be charging $29.99. For that fee, you get the movie in Blu-ray quality 1080p and can watch the movie as many times as you want (I have a feeling once will be enough with JUST GO WITH IT). To watch the movies you must have an HD receiver, HDMI cable and high-speed internet access.

As a DirecTV customer, I can honestly say that out of curiosity's sake, I can't see myself using this service very often. For one, it's not exactly the best selection of movies. For another, unless you're watching a family-style movie or making an event of it with some friends, who wants to pay $30 to sit and watch a movie once? Will you test it out?

Source: DirectTV



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