Disney announces release dates for Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella and another 2016 Marvel movie

Is Marvel feeling threatened by MAN OF STEEL's success? I doubt it, but they may also be taking Warner Bros. proposed fast-tracking of a Superman sequel seriously. In addition to the recent news that Disney is releasing new Marvel movies in 2016 and 2017 comes the news that they will be releasing an additional superhero movie in 2016.

With Comic Con fast approaching, Disney told the world to expect Marvel movies on May 6, 2016 and May 5, 2017. The latest announcement has an additional Marvel film hitting theaters on July 8, 2016. There is a lot of speculation as to what these 2016 films could be. The are either sequels to existing properties or potentially bigger films. It is interesting to note that unlike the current pattern of a Summer and Fall release that these two films will both be hitting smack in the blockbuster season. I would be willing to bet we will find out what these films are at Comic Con on July 18.

The other big news from the House of Mouse was that Kenneth Branagh's CINDERELLA now has a concrete release date of March 13, 2015. It may seem odd to open a non-horror film on Friday the 13th, but so far no one else has claimed the weekend. CINDERELLA will star Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden, Helena Bonham Carter, Sophie McShera, and Holliday Granger. It is nice to know that there does not appear to be bad blood between Branagh and Disney after he was not brought back for THOR: THE DARK WORLD. I like Branagh as a director and I am interested to see what tone he is going for with the live action fairy tale.

Extra Tidbit: What could the 2016 movies be? BLACK PANTHER? DOCTOR STRANGE? Something we haven't considered yet?
Source: Collider



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