Disney Carol clips

Two days away from the release of DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL, and we've got some clips that might get you into the Holiday season.

The CGI faces creeps me out a bit, but I still want to see this. There's something appealing about the combination of Jim Carrey, Bob Hoskins, Cary Elwes, Alan Rickman, John Cleese...actually the whole cast is an impressive combination. Seeing Carrey in another Christmas movie doesn't bother me in the least.

Oddly enough this will be the first movie outing in my 25 years that my Mother will accompany me to. She's got this thing for Carrey...but I guess that's a trend for the women in our family. This looks to be a really enjoyable film even if the human faces are a bit frightening. Check out the rest of the clips in our video section.

Extra Tidbit: If you haven't seen Jim Carrey's official website, it's a must. Make sure to turn the volume up a tad.
Source: Disney



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