CEO Bob Iger lays out how he envisions the future release plan for Disney's live action, Marvel and Pixar films

Believe it or not, 2012 will be a redefining year for Walt Disney Studios. Two massive films, JOHN CARTER and THE AVENGERS, performed on the completely opposite ends of the box office spectrum. When that happens at one studio, it gives executives pause to assess how they can better position themselves in the future.

With Disney chairman Rich Ross stepping down, CEO Bob Iger laid the message out clearly for the future of the studio.

Speaking at a recent conference, Iger told those in attendance that they plan includes two animated films a year, one from Pixar and the other from Disney. Soon it could increase to two Pixars and one Disney. In addition, “we intend to make two Marvel films a year and that slate is well defined” for the next few years. Iger says that while “we’ve got a business that has done well on the animated and Marvel front,” the live-action films “have been inconsistent, this year in particular." He’ll want the studio’s new management to address that. But Iger’s still keeping expectations modest. “We’re not in the business of making 24 films a year, or more than that.”

So, believe it or not, Disney seems to be adopting the quality, not quantity approach to movie making. With the sheer number of peripherals such as video games and toys that Disney throws out there with each release, they can stand to release only a dozen movies a year. The Pixar films themselves are guaranteed over $200 million in box office alone.

The downside is that with fewer films on their slate, Disney is likely going to be more cautious with their project selection.  The chances of seeing an untested property like JOHN CARTER hit screens again anytime soon are probably slim.  Here is hoping that Disney goes on a string of successful films and opens themselves up to some riskier filmmaking projects.  In the meantime, we can rest assured that Marvel and Pixar will continue to have the full support of the House of Mouse.

Source: Deadline



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