Disney decides to gets some weird inspiration for a new film

We've seen THE HAUNTED MANSION with Eddie Murphy. We will be seeing it again and re-imagined since Guillermo del Toro has taken over. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN came to life and gave Johnny Depp a legendary character. More recently, Jon Favreau decided to helm a family film based on THE MAGIC KINGDOM.

So what Disney theme park attraction could be next? Try one that never got off the ground.

MUSEUM OF THE WEIRD, an idea that seemed to show promise back in the 1960s is going to into development. Disney is currently in discussions with Ahmet Zappa, who besides being Frank Zappa's son is also a screenwriter.

Rolly Crump and Yale Gracey, designed and created Museum of the Weird, which was an adjunct to The Haunted Mansion attraction. It would contain all of the strangest objects from around the world, a magic cart, weird corridor eyes, a restaurant, and so much more. Crump was originally caught between two theories for the attraction: was it supposed to be scary or silly? The major pieces of Museum of the Weird are now used for The Haunted Mansion.

Right now, MUSEUM OF THE WEIRD is still in very early development. There are talks of building the attraction to follow the film. I don't know about you, but I am way more interested in something like this than MAGIC KINGDOM.

Below is a video of Walt Disney talking Haunted Mansion and Museum of the Weird in Disney's imagineering department. The video is actually very cool. Some chick in a riding crop is accompanying Disney and it's hilariously odd. Also to check out some concept art from the original Museum of the Weird attraction head here.

Extra Tidbit: Given the right director, I'd be down for this. Anyone else?
Source: LA TimesDoomBuggies



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