Disney developing a Hawaiian set, Indiana Jones-style movie

Disney is looking to create a new action hero to help usher in a franchise set in the great state of Hawaii. The script is set to be penned by Joe Gazzam who has also written 21 JUMP STREET, BARBARELLA, and STEP UP REVOLUTION.

The movie is being billed as an Indiana Jones-style action movie with some supernatural elements and revolves around a gauntlet sent down from gods taken from Polynesian mythology.

With the lukewarm reception given to the most recent Indiana Jones film, there is a vast opening for a new franchise with a pithy hero at the forefront.  Also, the Polynesian/Hawaiian mythology is a very untapped subject in Hollywood films.  There is a very large opportunity here to make an exciting action film that appeals to all audiences.  Imagine NATIONAL TREASURE but on an island.  So maybe envision LOST but with archeology.  Oh, forget it.  Maybe they should just cast Dwayne Johnson and get it over with.

Who would you cast as the star of the film?

Source: Geek Tyrant



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