Disney does comics

Disney must be running low on theme park rides to turn into FX-bloated feature films. The Mouse House is launching Kingdom Comics, with the purpose of developing graphic novels (formerly known as "comics") for film adaptation.

One of the only reasons the comic industry (outside of Marvel and DC) still even exists is to provide convenient material for studios to adapt (or at least option), but it seems pretty bizarre that a company like Disney would need to essentially create ways to get new material...

One of the minds at the new company is Ahmet Zappa -- yes, son of Frank and brother of Dweezil and Moon Unit (he's also working on the new FRAGGLE ROCK movie, so he's clearly a kid at heart). The new company will also publish stories based on their existing characters, so bring extra cash next time you take the kiddies to the parks.
Extra Tidbit: At the last San Diego Comic Con, maybe 20% of the show floor was actually occupied by creators, retailers or publishers of comics.
Source: Variety



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