Disney hires David Lowery to script their remake of Pete's Dragon

How many of you remember the original PETE'S DRAGON? The live action Disney classic from 1977 was an attempt from the studio to try and recreate their successful MARY POPPINS. The movie followed a young orphan, Pete, whose best friend is a giant cartoon dragon named Elliott that only he can see. Along the course of the movie, Pete finds a new family and the gang of criminals led by Shelley Winters get their comeuppance.

Not exactly a huge hit when it was released, PETE'S DRAGON holds a fond place in my childhood memories. Upon a second viewing, the film does suffer from very dated special effects, but they looked amazing when I was a kid. One can only imagine what could be done with today's technology. Disney is taking a gamble remaking the movie and an even bigger gamble with the unique choice they have made to write the update.

David Lowery, who wrote the Sundance hit AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS and served as editor on Shane Carruth's UPSTREAM COLOR, will write the new version of PETE'S DRAGON. The movie will be cowritten by Toby Halbrooks. This could serve as a test run for Lowery to see if he is destined for a bigger project at Disney and will remain a very interesting one. Will he maintain the musical nature of the original or will this new take simply use the conceit of a boy and his invisible dragon as a jumping off point? Time will tell.

Source: Screen Crave



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