Disney is bringing back The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc. for 3D

Yes, this article does give me an excuse to talk about my love for THE LITTLE MERMAID. Ya, I'm sure you're thinking, "Every chick loves that movie". SO...

I didn't get to see it at the movies in 1989 so it will be nice to see it on the big-screen when Disney re-releases it in 3D. Yes, I will by pass my 3D issues just for that damn movie.

With the huge success of THE LION KING 3D, Disney/Pixar has decided to re-release other films in 3D (you knew it would happen). Here's what's coming up:

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – January 13, 2012

FINDING NEMO – September 14, 2012

MONSTERS INC. – January 18, 2013 (Monsters University, a prequel to the original film, arrives in theaters in Disney Digital 3D on June 21, 2013)

THE LITTLE MERMAID – September 13, 2013

Do I give a shit that they are converting these to 3D then re-releasing them in the theaters? Nope. It's not like they're remaking them. Like I said before about THE LITTLE MERMAID, it gives me a chance to see Disney films that I did not get to see when I was younger in the theater. Several of my friends went to see THE LION KING 3D and said it really wasn't that bad. They were just thrilled to relive the experience. They spent their money on something they knew they would enjoy rather than take a gamble on some crapfest.

Extra Tidbit: Did any of you guys go see THE LION KING 3D?
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