Disney is developing a Charles Darwin adventure film

Well, I can't say that I saw THIS coming! Walt Disney Pictures has just acquired an untitled pitch that writer Stephen Gaghan (SYRIANA, TRAFFIC) will pen and direct. While details are scarce, Deadline reports that the movie is being molded into an adventure film featuring Charles Darwin. While the English naturalist and geologist is best known for his contributions to evolutionary theory, evidently he was a little adventurous in his early days.

Back in 1831, captain Robert FitzRoy took command of the HMS Beagle on its first expedition when the original captain committed suicide. For the second expedition, he sought to have an expert in geology on board, as well as a companion. Enter a young Charles Darwin who jumped at the opportunity after graduating school. By expedition's end, Darwin made a name for himself as a geologist and fossil collector, and went on to publicize his findings in what was known as "The Voyage of the Beagle." Take THAT, Indiana Jones!

When I think, "adventure", my brain doesn't immediately jump to Charles Darwin, but it looks like Disney is looking to Disney up the man a bit. Not to say that the man's life isn't fascinating, but I don't see people jumping on a big Charles Darwin: Tomb Raider kick. Then again, maybe they'll just cast Chris Pratt and then we'll have a bunch of Darwin groupies on our hands. Wouldn't that be fitting?

Source: Deadline



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