Disney is open to a fourth Mighty Ducks movie if the story is right

I have fond memories of THE MIGHTY DUCKS movies. While they were certainly a Disney-fied version of THE BAD NEWS BEARS, THE MIGHTY DUCKS franchise were a series of fun sports movies that definitely gave me an interest in hockey I hadn't had to that point. Going back and re-watching the movies twenty years later, THE MIGHTY DUCKS still plays as a fun flick for kids but they are very dated. Maybe it is time for a new entry in the franchise that birthed not only a trilogy and an animated series but also an actual NHL team of the same name.

Producer Jordan Kerner and star Joshua Jackson were interviewed for a recent Time magazine article on the history of the franchise. When asked about the future of the series, Kerner had this to say:

There have been a number of times that we have discussed with the studio the idea of either bringing it back and bringing it back possibly with one or two of the guys who are now in their thirties as the coaches, and having a few more of them be their friends in their lives and having the kids come back. And I’ve been pitched a story two or three times. It hasn’t been the right story yet, but the idea of doing that is something Steve and I have talked about and actually Disney and I have talked about. So I’m not going to fuel the rumor mill that it’s going to happen, but I’m saying to you that the studio said to us, “We’d be interested if you come to us with the right story.”

Jackson also said he would be interested in coming back, possibly in a similar role to Emilio Estevez in the first film, and says he thinks the other actors would be intrigued to come back as well. THE MIGHTY DUCKS could be looked at as the hockey equivalent of THE GOONIES. It has a fan-base bordering on cult status and with the NHL as big now as it has been in years, it may be the right time for a new film about some ragtag kids skating to glory.

Source: Time



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