Disney is planning a reboot of The Rocketeer

THE ROCKETEER is a movie that I cherish. I remember seeing it back in 1991, and thinking it was one of the coolest things I had witnessed. I also wanted to be Jennifer Connelly. That white dress...gorgeous.

Word has it that Disney is looking to reboot the property. In the initial news from Vulture, they mention that the move is "curious" in the sense that THE ROCKETEER has similarities to another Disney-Marvel moneymaker, IRON MAN. They continue further by noting that IRON MAN came first in the grand scheme of things, and later came the action hero of the 1930s, THE ROCKETEER created by Dave Stevens and published in 1982.

Joe Johnston, who recently helmed CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER was the one who directed THE ROCKETEER. He wanted to make a sequel to the film, but the idea never came to fruition. Now Disney has decided to make a reboot/do over/whole new film, what have you, and are currently looking for a writer. Will Johnston get to come back and directed the new version? I'd say no, they will get some fresh meat on this one.

Do you look forward to another ROCKETEER?

Source: Vulture



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