Disney is still trying to make that Enchanted sequel

Eight years ago, Disney had a hit on their hands with ENCHANTED, which took many of their fairy tale/princess tropes and put a clever spin on them on the way to box office success. The Mouse had plans on moving forward with a sequel, attaching Anne Fletcher (THE PROPOSAL) to direct, but let's face it... it's 2015 and there hasn't been much movement on this follow-up actually happening. Amy Adams had expressed interest in the past of reprising her starring role, but the further away from ENCHANTED she's gotten, the more in-demand she is, making things more complicated in locking down a schedule. Then, of course, there's the matter of a screenplay, which seems to have gone through bouts of start-and-stop work over the years, without much progress being shown that any sequel is closer to happening now than it was in 2007 when Disney was still high on everything ENCHANTED.

But it looks like things may be ramping and an ENCHANTED sequel may be getting pulled out of the duldrums of Disney development to perhaps become a thing. Currently titled DISENCHANTED, new attention is being paid to getting a script that could be greenlight ready very soon. Disney is not giving up on the dream of an ENCHANTED 2, and with the success they've been seeing as of late with live-action versions of their classic tales, it would make a hell of a lot of sense for them right now to build upon a foundation they've already laid on that front. These movies are huge right now.

Source: Collider



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