Disney Parks offers a sneak peek inside their new Millennium Falcon ride

While the opening of Disney's Star Wars theme park, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, might feel as if it's far, far away, Disney Parks has recently posted a sneak peek of the planned Millennium Falcon attraction. Once construction of the ride is complete, the Star Wars-themed vehicle will be stationed at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park.

You can check out the sneak peek below, which also states that details related to the attraction will be shared on Saturday, December 16th during Star Wars: Galactic Nights at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The Millennium Falcon will be featured as one of two attractions planned for Galaxy's Edge. By design, the ride will allow droves of scruffy nerf herders to pilot Han Solo's legendary ship. Previously, Disney has said the following in regard to what guests can expect when finally having the opportunity to tour the Millennium Falcon ride:

The second attraction will give guests the opportunity to fly the Millennium Falcon, piloting the ship, shooting blasters or preparing for hyperspace – all while completing a critical mission. But how you perform on the mission holds even bigger stakes: perform with skill and you may earn extra galactic credits, while bringing the ship back banged up could put you on the list of a bounty hunter. End up on Harkos’s list and you may face a problem if you show up at the local cantina!

As I'm sure you're well aware, STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is in theaters now. You can check out our Eric Walkuski's review of the film here, as well as Chris Bumbray's take using this link. May the force be with you all.

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