Fairy tale princesses band together in an Avengers-esque adventure

So here's a cool idea: apparently Tracking Board is reporting that a new hot spec script about fairy tale princesses teaming up in a sort of AVENGERS-esque adventure is being developed. While it's getting shopped around to all studios, Disney has its own pitch for it with PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES director Joachim Ronning attached. On the one hand, that'd be cool to have Disney put it in continuity with their unique versions of the characters, on the other hand the trailers to that new PIRATES movie don't look great. But we'll see.

Now, admittedly, this could be awful and terrible (not unlike a lot of the fairy tale "re-imaginings" of the past few years, like SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN or PAN), but I think it could also be really cool if done right. No word on which princesses are being represented, but expect them to be ones that are public domain and not beholden to Disney copyright.

To be fair, they kind of did this concept in SHREK 2, but also to be fair, it was one of the film's highlights, so I wouldn't mind it being fleshed out to feature-length. But what do you Schmoes think? You down for a princess team-up? And if so, what princesses would you want, and what powers would they have? For instance, I think Sleeping Beauty should have Astral Projecting dream powers.

Either way, sound off below!

No release date as of yet, since it's so early in development, but we'll keep you Schmoes posted if anything comes up.

Extra Tidbit: With Disney owning the princesses AND the Marvel's AVENGERS, maybe we can see a cross-over? (Please don't do that).
Source: Tracking Board



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