Disney's Prince Charming courts writer-director Stephen Chbosky

Of all the live-action projects announced by Disney earlier this year, including flesh and blood representations of films like MULAN, CRUELLA, MALEFICENT 2, PETER PAN, ALADDIN, DUMBO, and THE LION KING (yeah, there are that many on the way, buckle up), their plans to create a film centered around the princes of the Disney kingdom has to be the odd-man-out, no? Nevertheless, here we are.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively announced that Stephen Chbosky, the writer and director of the feel-good drama WONDER, has signed on to Disney's PRINCE CHARMING project. As per the deal with the studio, Chbosky will write the film as well as direct the studio's re-imagined take on the fairy and folk tale personification.

Furthermore, Chbosky will step onto the project with the company of a few familiar faces to help get the show on the road. Meaning that David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman of Mandeville Films/TV, who produced WONDER, will also board the new Disney live-action venture. Meanwhile, Hoberman and Lieberman will also produce in a partnership with Tripp Vinson.

Matt Fogel penned the initial script, which is set to turn princely characters like the ones found in SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES, SLEEPING BEAUTY and CINDERELLA on their royal heads. For PRINCE CHARMING, the story will take a look at the iconic prince from the vantage point of his brother who never quite lived up to his family's expectations.

Even with all the above mentioned films currently in the works by one way or another, PRINCE CHARMING has yet to announce a release window or filming start date.

I don't know, I suppose this can work. I mean, at least it's turning the tables on the over-done princess theme, right? I'm not sure of what Chbosky has up his sleeve for the film, though I'll definitely be curious to find out. Do you think there will be singing and dancing? Most likely. Instead of calling to woodland creatures will ale and hunting hounds come a'runnin' at the sound of the prince's dulcet tones? I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.  



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