Disney will search outside of Marvel and Pixar for more great characters

Is Disney going to conquer the world? It's going to happen, I know it.

If Disney wants something they just get it no questions asked. They're like that one kid who steals from his mom's purse but is too cute to get in trouble for taking like $5.

Disney is no stranger to acquiring outside characters, they've been doing it for awhile now. But Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger is willing to go to infinity and beyond to obtain the characters. Basically according to The Disney Blog, Iger will continue to, “buy either new characters or businesses that are capable of creating great characters and great stories.” The blog states that Iger is talking about diving into Asian tales and putting a Disney twist on those.

However, if Iger finds another source that is hoarding an awesome roster of characters, he'll nab them up if it's worth the time. More characters means more movies. More movies means more cash. More rides at theme parks. More merch. You get it.

Source: The Disney Blog



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