Disneyland Shanghai will feature a Tron coaster with rideable lightcycles

Even though Disney cancelled TRON 3, that doesn't mean there isn't a fan-base for the franchise. When Disney unveiled plans for their Shanghai resort this week, it included rides based on PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and TRON. In fact, the TRON ride looks like something fans in North America would go nuts for. Anyone want to ride a lightcycle?

Disney Parks shared a conceptual video for the newly redesigned Tomorrowland and Disney Shanghai, one of six themed sections of the massive resort in Mainland China. The TRON ride appears to be a roller-coaster where the seats are designed like lightcycles. The ride follows a twisting track that is likely as close as anyone could possibly get to riding a real lightcycle.

The park is planned to open in 2016 which will make it Disney's first major new theme park in over a decade (a smaller Hong Kong park opened in 2005). While we in the United States are getting a STAR WARS theme park in the near future, I cannot help but feel a little jealous at just how cool this TRON ride looks.

Source: YouTube



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