Disney's D23 Expo

As a woman, like most women, I was born this gene that predisposes me to be interested in all Disney animated movies. Some men carry this gene, but I haven't met a lot of them.

For those of you, man or woman who love all things Disney, the House of Mouse released their full schedule and line-up for this years D23 Expo which is from September 10th-13th.

There will be exclusive sneak peeks for PRINCE OF PERSIA, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, TRON: LEGACY, THE SORCEROR'S APPRENTICE, A CHRISTMAS CAROLE, and many others. If I lived in California, I would most certainly go. There's screenings I'd love to attend of NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, FRANKENWEENIE, the original TRON, SLEEPING BEAUTY, and DARBY O' GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE.

There should be something for anyone to be excited about. It will be a special year for D23, so head out to Anaheim if you can. If you are interested in going, or want information go here. Also check back on joblo.com, as we will be covering some of the events!

Here's the full schedule:


1:00 PM- “Beauty and the Beast” panel discussion; and screening of selected scenes in Disney Digital 3D™

4:00 PM- “The Lion King” music program

7:00 PM- “The Boys: The Sherman Brothers Story” panel discussion/ screening

10:00 PM- “Darby O’Gill and the Little People” screening


11:00 AM- Dick Cook / Walt Disney Studios presentation (in the Arena)

1:00 PM- Screening of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in Disney Digital 3D™ plus Tim Burton shorts, “Frankenweenie” and “Vincent”

4:00 PM- “Tron”/ “Tron: Legacy” presentation; Digital debut screening of original “Tron”

7:30 PM- “Walt & El Grupo” presentation; Followed by screening of “Saludos Amigos”

10:00 PM- “The Shaggy Dog” screening


10:00 AM- Disneynature presentation

12:00 PM- “Snow White” panel discussion; Followed by screening of Restored Print

3:00 PM- “Princess and the Frog” presentation

5:30 PM- “Prep and Landing” presentation

7:30 PM- “Trail of the Panda” screening

10:00 PM- “Sleeping Beauty” screening


11:00 AM- John Lasseter / Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios presentation (in the Arena)

1:00 PM- “Muppets” presentation

4:00 PM- “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure” screening

6:30 PM- “Toy Story 3” presentation

7:00 PM- “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2” debuts in Disney Digital 3D™

Extra Tidbit: I wish I could have met Walt Disney.
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