DJ Caruso wants you as part of his social film experience Inside

Social media was the subject of THE SOCIAL NETWORK, but it's the actual process for INSIDE, a new project directed by DJ Caruso (DISTURBIA, I AM NUMBER FOUR).

INSIDE stars Emmy Rossum (THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW) as Christina, "a 20-something girl who has been trapped in a room and left with a laptop and an untraceable Internet connection. Scared with no idea of what awaits her, she mobilizes her social network to help disseminate clues to figure out where she is being held and hopefully rescued."

And here's the social experience part: "Unlike other productions, INSIDE will engage the audience and allow them to play a role in the film by interacting on social channels. A social casting call will result with one lucky participant cast to play a role via a YouTube video that will then be incorporated into one of the film’s episodes. Others can join in the project during the live social experience by posting on the main characters Facebook wall or tweeting which then has the chance of being incorporated into the next film episode."

The project is currently casting, and more info can be found on the official page. The episodes will begin hitting online on July 25, and the assembled feature will be released August 14.

Source: Inside



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