DJ Caruso mentions some actors interested in roles for Preacher

Now that D.J. Caruso is on board to direct Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon‘s PREACHER the next order of business is casting.

Caruso says that this project has gotten him the most calls and text from actors all vying for parts. French site, CloneWeb sat down with Caruso and Alex Pettyfer for some I AM NUMBER FOUR press. The site asked if the director could give them any possible names about who was calling him up.

The first person mentioned is actually one that Caruso reached out to. In his mind, Chris Pine would be great for the role of Jesse. He then mentions that Shia LaBeouf really wants to play Arseface. Pettyfer then clears his throat and Caruso says that the actor is interested in playing The Saint of Killers.

Oh geez. These early ideas/thoughts are a little off to me, especially Pettyfer wanting the role of The Saint of Killers. That's definitely a part for an older actor.

Check out the interview below to hear the news for yourself and why Caruso thinks the story is amazing.

Rencontre avec D.J Caruso et Alex Pettyfer by cloneweb
Extra Tidbit: I think we talked about our choices for Jesse, who would make a good Tulip?
Source: ClonewebComing Soon



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