DJ: The Last Man

I'm a little disappointed that I've never gotten around to reading any of Brian Vaughan's "Y: The Last Man." I've heard so many great things about "Y" and I loved Vaughan's episode of "Lost" ("Catch-22"). I've got a whopper of a flight out to San Diego tomorrow so that might be the perfect time to catch up on some reading. Especially now that the Y: THE LAST MAN film is gearing up to head to the big screen. DJ Caruso has signed on to direct for New Line with his DISTURBIA writer Carl Ellsworth working on the script. While you won't read this in the trades, the combination of the DISTURBIA team has to lead to speculation that Shia "I'm The Next Tom Hanks" LaBeouf is considering starring (especially since he does kinda look like the main character). The story follows Yorick (or Y as he's also known) who is the last remaining man on Earth after a mysterious chromosomal disorder wiped out every male mammal. Caruso and LaBeouf are already reteaming on the DreamWorks thriller EAGLE EYE, which could be the actor's next film after INDIANA JONES 4.

Extra Tidbit: Caruso was one of the top contenders for the WOLVERINE directing gig before Gavin Hood got the job.
Source: Variety



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