Djimon is Thulsa Doom

In today's "Wait -- what?" news, Djimon Hounsou plans to produce and star in a THULSA DOOM movie.

The Oscar-nominated, occasionally comprehensible actor plans to play the serpentine sorcerer from Robert E. Howard's KULL universe (and CONAN's comics). The character, which famously appeared in John Milius' CONAN THE BARBARIAN portrayed by James Earl Jones, will get his own title next year from Dynamite Comics (who will develop and produce the flick with the BLOOD DIAMOND star).

Earlier in the year, Hounsou told CHUD he was involved with a Conan-related project, and now we know what it is. Doom has recently been mixing it up on the page with fiery warrior babe RED SONJA, who is also getting her own new feature with Rose McGowan. While Doom has historically been a nefarious necromancer, Hounsou's version will apparently be going down the SCORPION KING road -- this one "will showcase the origins of the flawed hero and show how his road to hell was paved with good intentions."
Extra Tidbit: It's believe that Thulsa Doom was, in part, the basis for He-Man's nemesis Skeletor.
Source: Variety



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