Do you agree with the films included in this Francis Ford Coppola 5-Film Collection arriving December 4th?

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Coppola is a master of our time, the sort of filmmaker you respect at the very least and revere at the very most. Like Kubrick or Hitchcock, even if you don't agree with the mainstream's favorite film or like any of their films at all, it's very hard indeed to deny the skill at play in their work.  And like Kubrick and Hitchcock, Coppola has made film after film that seamlessly found their way onto just about everyone's list of favorite and/or most influential films.  Hell, even when Coppola misfires (BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA) he still manages to be stunning in his presentation and impressive in his technique (everything you see in DRACULA was done practically or through in-camera effects).

So for those of you who have a Coppola film or two but want more, believe it to be high time you filled that hole in your collection, or already own most of his films but would double dip for a collected set because you love them so much - the Francis Ford Coppola 5-Film Collection is coming this December 4th for $39.99.  I don't believe that many, if any, of these special features are new or exclusive to this set, but one of the films included is seeing a hi-def release for the first time.  So that's something, right?

Here's the press release: From "one of the greatest films of all time" (Chicago Sun Times) APOCALYPSE NOW to the "raw and riveting" (Rolling Stone) TETRO, the set includes some of the iconic filmmaker's best works, sharing a combined total of 12 Academy Award® nominations and two wins. In addition to APOCALYPSE NOW and TETRO, the collection also includes the classic film's updated and extended version, APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX, along with the thriller THE CONVERSATION and ONE FROM THE HEART, available for the very first time in stunning high definition.

With unforgettable performances from a list of top Hollywood talent including Marlon Brando (Apocalypse Now), Martin Sheen (Apocalypse Now), Robert Duvall (Apocalypse Now), Vincent Gallo (Tetro), Harrison Ford (Apocalypse Now, The Conversation), Gene Hackman (The Conversation), Frederic Forrest (The Conversation, One From The Heart), Raul Julia (One From The Heart), Cindy Williams (The Conversation), John Cazale (The Conversation), Nastassja Kinski (One From The Heart) and Teri Garr (One From The Heart), the Francis Ford Coppola 5-Film Collection celebrates the very best in cinema.

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In the Vietnam War epic, Martin Sheen stars as Army Captain Willard, a troubled man sent on a dangerous top-secret mission into Cambodia to assassinate a rogue Green Beret, Colonel Kurtz (Brando), who has barricaded himself in a remote outpost. As Willard ventures deeper and deeper into the wilderness of the jungle, he embarks on a strange journey that leads him to Kurtz - but also forces him to come face to face with the terrifying vision of the heart of darkness in us all.

This is the definitive version of Francis Ford Coppola's stunning vision of the heart of darkness in all of us, re-edited and re-mastered with 49 minutes of additional footage.

Blu-Ray special features:

- Audio commentary by Director Francis Ford Coppola

Legendary director Francis Ford Coppola shines his spotlight on a Las Vegas couple (Teri Garr, Frederic Forrest) whose break-up on the 4th of July leads them both to a night on the strip in pursuit of their romantic fantasies (Raul Julia, Nastassja Kinski). But in this town of gamblers and dreamers, should they bet it all on dreams, or give true love another roll of the dice? Featuring breathtaking design, show-stopping set pieces, the stunning cinematography of Vittorio Storaro (Apocalypse Now, The Last Emperor) and accompanied by the wonderful Oscar® nominated music of the one and only Tom Waits, this neon explosion of color, sound and innovation is a cinematic valentine for all movie lovers.

Blu-Ray special features

- Feature-length audio commentary by director Francis Ford Coppola
- The Dream Studio documentary
- The Electronic Cinema documentary
- Tom Waits and the Music of One From The Heart documentary
- The Making Of One From The Heart (1982) documentary
- Previously Unreleased Demo Recordings and Alternate Takes of Tom Waits' Music
- Deleted Scenes
- Videotaped Rehearsals
- The Tom Waits Score: Alternate Tracks
- Press Conference at the Studio
- Francis Coppola Speaks to the Exhibitors
- This One's From the Heart Music Video
- Stop Motion Demo
- Theatrical Trailers

Tetro poster slice


Starring Vincent Gallo (Buffalo '66) and set in Argentina, Tetro tells the bittersweet story of two brothers, of family lost and found and the conflicts and secrets within a highly creative Italian immigrant family.

Blu-Ray special features:
- Audio commentary with Francis Ford Coppola and actor Alden Ehrenreich
- "The Rehearsal Process" featurette - documenting Coppola's extensive preparation with the cast
- "Fausta: A Drama in Verse" - extended version of the play featured within the movie
- "Mihai Malaimare, Jr: The Cinematography" featurette
- "The Ballet" featurette - a look at the film's choreography and the use of dance in the film
- "Osvaldo Golijov: Music Born from the Film" featurette
- "La Colifata: Siempre Fui Loco" featurette - a behind the scenes look at the filming of Tetro at La Borda mental hospital

In an underground world of conspiracy, surveillance and mystery, the film follows expert wire-tapper and spy Harry Caul (Hackman) during a routine investigation. With a haunting past tormenting his every move, Caul makes it a golden rule to stay far outside of each project. However, his latest job turns out to be more than Caul bargained for when he's caught inside a web of murder and secrecy that threatens his safety - and his sanity.

Blu-Ray special features:
- Interview with director Francis Ford Coppola and composer David Shire
- "Harry Caul's San Francisco: Then and Now" featurette
- Archival screen tests with Harrison Ford, Cindy Williams
- Archival audio of Francis Ford Coppola dictating (writing) the original script
- Archival on-set interview with Gene Hackman
- "Close up on The Conversation" featurette
- Discussion with Francis Ford Coppola about his early film exercise, "No Cigar"
- Audio commentary with director Francis Ford Coppola Audio commentary with editor Walter Murch

One From the Heart streetwalk

And here are some of the more nitty-gritty details involving runtime and aspect ratio and all that good stuff:

Years of Production: 1974-2009
Apocalypse Now: 1979
Apocalypse Now Redux: 2000
One From The Heart: 1982
Tetro: 2009
The Conversation: 1974

Special Edition Rating:
APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX: R for disturbing images, language, sexual content and some drug use
TETRO: R for language, some sexuality and nudity

Blu-ray Format:
APOCALYPSE NOW, APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX, TETRO: 1080P High Definition 16x9 Widescreen (2.35:1)
ONE FROM THE HEART: 1080P High Definition 4x3 Full Screen (1.33:1)
THE CONVERSATION: 1080P High Definition 16x9 Widescreen (1.78:1)

Collection Running Time:

Total: 695 minutes
APOCALYPSE NOW: 153 minutes
ONE FROM THE HEART: 100 minutes
TETRO: 127 minutes

Blu-ray Audio Status: 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio

The Conversation washed out pic

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite film in the collection? And/or which film was left out that you think should have been included?
Source: Lionsgate



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