Do you care that Tron himself says a third movie is only a matter of time?

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A sequel to TRON: LEGACY has been rumored off and on since before the months before the movie even came out, and today brings further fuel for the fire with the following comment from actor Bruce Boxleitner (Alan Bradley/Tron):

“It’s not an if, it’s a when.  I think Alan Bradley is a very important character, as well as Tron certainly. With one you get the other, I’m very excited about [Tron 3's] prospects.”

I'm sure Disney would like to take its time developing a follow-up, and they've illustrated as much by attempting to muzzle Boxleitner in the past for speaking about sequels before they were ready for a proper announcement.  But Boxleitner has expressed his belief that "speaking out of line may also be helping the film’s chances," and it was his initial reveal that a TRON: LEGACY sequel was in the works that reportedly led Disney's Head of Production to quip “I guess we’ll have to make this now."  2014 is the rumored release year should a sequel actually come to pass, and last we heard (albeit back in March) was that the script was still being written.  

But what do you think the whole thing? Would you still be up for more TRON four years after the last sequel (and thirty two years after the original movie)?

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Extra Tidbit: The crowd voices during the disk battle in the beginning of TRON: LEGACY are actually the voices of the audience during the presentation of the movie at Comic-Con.
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