Do you really need to read the synopsis for The Evil Dead remake?

Haven't we been down this road before? I've seen the original version of THE EVIL DEAD so shouldn't the remake offer me something a little different. I knew there was no point to doing it but at least throw something intriguing at me.

The reason I'm even talking about this is because the synopsis for THE EVIL DEAD remake came out today. It may sound familiar:

"Five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin where they discover a Book Of The Dead and unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival."

Okay, someone explain to me why their doing this again? I don't get it. Regardless of whether Sam Raimi or Bruce Campbell back it, I'm still puzzled.

Oh wait, apparently there's a sub-plot waiting in the wings. Bloody-Disgusting shared with Shock Til You Drop that the reason they go to the cabin this time is to help a friend kick his drug addiction. Unless this is a weird spin-off that the BREAKING BAD team made with Jesse as the drug addict, I don't care.

Source: STYD



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