Do you want this IMAX-exclusive Frankenweenie poster drawn by Tim Burton hanging on your wall?

Frankenweenie 656 title

The night FRANKENWEENIE is set to rise up in cinemas is swiftly approaching, and for those of you excited to see the thing I now have another reason to add atop your pile.  As is the trend these days, the IMAX midnight showings of FRANKENWEENIE will be accompanied by a special poster unique to that night.  And in this case, that poster is based on an original sketch done by Mr. Tim Burton himself. 

While supplies last, of course.  You can click right here to find a list of participating theaters and proceed to purchase your tickets, should a midnight IMAX showing of Tim Burton's latest be your thing.

October 5th, friends and neighbors.

Frankenweenie IMAX poster article size

Extra Tidbit: I'm not finding myself excited for FRANKENWEENIE. In days past I would have been drooling at the thought of a new Tim Burton movie, but I'm just... not anymore.
Source: FandangoIMAX



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