Do you want to manage our JoBlo/YouTube channel? Apply within!

Position: YouTube channel manager

Our JOBLO MOVIE NETWORK YouTube channel has been blowing up of late and we need one person to run it for us. The job doesn't pay much, but would allow you to manage the entire channel for us, which consists mainly of uploading the latest movie trailers and celebrity interviews from JoBlo.com. If you're good with videos, have a lot of time on your hands and love movies and more specifically, movie trailers...this gig is surely for you. We need someone serious and professional though...you also need to be detail-oriented, punctual and well organized.

What is it exactly? You would be in charge of finding and uploading the latest non-exclusive movie trailers ASAP (+ our celebrity interviews), as well as adding the headline for the video, the description and the tags.

Do I need to be living in a certain area to get this job? Not at all. As long as you have access to the Internet and our YT channel upload section, and are able to work freely at anytime, you're prime for the gig.

How much does this job pay? This job is very light in terms of actual work, as you're likely to only be uploading about 5-15 videos a week (if that!), but you will receive a quarterly fee that will be big enough to buy yourself a few beers and maybe even a stripper or two (specifics will be provided to finalists).

Are there any opportunities for advancement? Absolutely! Pretty much everyone working on the site today (about 35-40 people) was hired over the Net, and once we're happy with your work, any opportunities for advancement within our JoBlo Movie Network will be presented to you first.

"Why don't you take a picture...it'll last longer."

What is required of this post?

- Availability: Since the main component of the success of our YT channel is posting the trailers up first...it's imperative that the person we hire for this job, 1) can post the latest trailers up ASAP to our channel and 2) knows ways to receive updates on when the latest trailers will hit the Net -- we can provide some help with this.

- Love of Movie Trailers: The majority of this job will consist of finding/uploading the latest movie trailers, so you have to be a big fan of movies and movie trailers, and ascertain ways to find out when/where they'll be coming out, so that you can post them to our channel first.

- Sharing prowess: On top of uploading the latest movie trailers to our channel, we'd also prefer to hire a person who knows their way around social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Fark....), and who can help us get the word out about the latest trailers added to our channel.

- Video knowledge: The person we hire for this job should know a lot more about videos than your average "joblo", including any editing experience (it's rare that you'd need to edit a video, but it happens from time to time) and conversion abilities.

- YouTube experience: YouTube.com is an animal on its own, so we will definitely pay attention to candidates who have previous experience with YouTube, and even moreso anyone who has gone through the process of "copyright issues" with YouTube, as we will receive some "strikes" against our account from time to time, so the more you know about all that shit, the better.

How do I apply?

Send us a direct email at [email protected] for YOUTUBE CHANNEL MANAGER and respond to each of the requirements above, and make sure to include your full name, age, geographical location as well as links to specific related works and/or your resume. Sell yourself!! (but don't write us a book...be concise)

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