Doc Holliday Film

The best thing about TOMBSTONE for a lot of movie fans was Val Kilmer's portrayal of Doc Holliday.

That being said, Paramount has bought the spec script to THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF DOC HOLLIDAY penned by Chad St. John. It's probably safe to say that there's a slim chance that Kilmer will reprise his role for the film. Reason being, well, I don't really need to point it out. The adventures of the gambling dentist will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (TRANSFORMERS).

Here's where it gets amusing. The studio gave a little description of the movie, "A history-based action adventure tale in the vein of "Pirates of the Caribbean."Um, yep. While I am among the group of people who actually like PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, I'm trying to figure out why they would compare it to that. Seriously? Any of you got some ideas?

HOLLIDAY would be a period film, but that period would be a Western in the mid-1800's. Plus I'm thinking that there are more historical accuracies with HOLLIDAY than PIRATES. The only thing that's really comparable is the action-adventure aspect. Well, I'm definitely looking forward to developments on this. Though sadly, I know how it ends.

Extra Tidbit: "I'm your huckleberry." Sorry. It had to be said.
Source: Variety



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