Doc Holliday western the next project for HBO

Legendary BATMAN & ROBIN writer Akiva Goldsman has signed a two-year exclusive deal with HBO. The first project that will be produced under this deal will be a Western drama that's not titled "Deadwood", to the chagrin of fans. Instead it will focus on Doc Holliday, famous gambler, gunslinger, and participant in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. 

Ron Howard is attached to direct the pilot of the untitled show from a script by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage (ACCEPTED). Goldsman and his producing partner Kerry Foster will executive produce, and Howard's father and his wife (Rance and Judy Howard) will co-produce.

The show is inspired by Mary Doria Russell's novel "Doc" which hit in May, and puts Holliday in the lead role rather than the sidekick of Wyatt Earp he's usually relegated to (see Val Kilmer in TOMBSTONE). It's gotta be the tuberculosis- who wants your hero to be constantly feverish, coughing up blood and mucus? But I'd like to think that Walter White of "Breaking Bad" has led the charge for a new wave of coughing protagonists.

The series will feature the never-before-explored love triangle between Holliday, his prostitute wife, Kate Elder and best friend, Wyatt Earp — all set against the lawlessness and desperation of a rapidly changing society.

As for now, Howard and Goldman are still looking for a home for their DARK TOWER adptation. More on these project as we hear it.

Source: Deadline



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