Does Robert Pattinson have a shot at being Indiana Jones?

Back when Disney acquired Lucasfilm and Co. for the all the money in Mickey Mouse's pocket, we knew that Star Wars was a franchise that was going to be fast-tracked. After all, you don't spend that much without looking to make it back, and then some. Another franchise that's off to the side is that of Indiana Jones. Of course, Harrison Ford is about to scoundrel his way though STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, so where does that leave Indiana Jones? Will he return for one last outing, or is Disney looking to reboot? It's probably a little too early to tell, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from churning out a few names. Initially it was Bradley Cooper, and now the name being tossed around is . . . Robert Pattinson?

I think this rumor holds about as much water as Jonah Hill playing the whip-cracking hero (I'd pay to see that, actually) but it's fun to speculate. To be perfectly honest, another Indiana Jones film is just a matter of time, so we all better get used to the idea anyway. The question we have to ask ourselves, is if we really want to see Harrison Ford don the fedora again. I was all for KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, and then it came out, and my heart sank. Age is definitely a factor, but it's the story as a whole they really let everyone down. And no, I don't think it was just because it had to do with aliens.

And what of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's involvement? It had always taken three people to make an Indiana Jones film happen, and now with that pretty much off the table, who else would you like to see take on writing and directing duties? Given their penchant for this kind of thing with the Uncharted series, is there any way we can just hire the whole of Naughty Dog to write and direct a new one (I'm only half-joking)? It may be a while before we hear anything concrete.  We've had our ideas on the past about what should be done, but what do you all think?

Harrison Ford will be trading in his whip for a blaster in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, on December 18, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Should the original trio of Ford/Lucas/Spielberg be given one last shot?
Source: Daily Star



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