Does Toby Jones cut it as Alfred Hitchcock in this teaser for The Girl?

The first of the Alfred Hitchcock movies has hit with a teaser. THE GIRL starring Toby Jones and Sienna Miller focuses on the rather difficult working relationship between Hitchcock and actress, Tippi Hedren. Well, that description sort of puts it lightly.

My fellow co-worker, Alex touched more on the relationship in an earlier article: "Hitchcock had a notorious obsession with Hedren (and blonde women in general). There are several stories regarding his behavior with Hedren that border on stalking. He controlled anyone who wanted to cast her in films aside from his own and put her through torturous behavior on his productions to the point that Hedren sought medical help. Even last year in an interview, Hedren claimed that by spurning his sexual advances that Hitchcock attempted to ruin her career."

I think that Jones pulls off Hitchcock rather well. The voice is what initially got me. Miller looks striking as Hedren, whether or not her acting chops hold up, we will have to see. You can catch THE GIRL when it hits HBO on October 20th.

Extra Tidbit: Okay Hopkins, it's your turn.
Source: HBO



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