Dominic Cooper is the latest favorite to play Freddie Mercury

Sacha Baron Cohen was originally going to play Freddie Mercury in a biopic before exiting the project in July due to "creative differences," then Daniel Radcliffe was rumored for the lead, but that turned out to be completely untrue. Now Latino-Review has learned Dominic Cooper is the new front-runner to play the mustachioed singer.

According to their sources, Cooper is the favorite because he looks kind of like Freddie Mercury and he can also apparently sing. The casting has to be approved by the remaining members of Queen, and if they're down with Dominic Cooper as Freddie Mercury there could be an official announcement made in the near future.

Dominic Cooper could be an excellent Freddie Mercury, but I feel like his talents will be wasted in this project since the members of the band want a PG rated biopic. I'm not saying the film will be terrible, however I don't feel like it will be a "real" biopic and that would be a shame considering the interesting life Mercury lived before passing away in 1991. It could still be a good movie featuring Queen tunes, but it won't be the gritty, mature film about the legendary front-man many were looking forward to when the biopic was first announced. I feel like Freddie Mercury deserves better, and it's unfortunate the surviving members of Queen don't seem to be willing to budge on how they think the film should be handled.

Extra Tidbit: Think Dominic Cooper is a good choice? And do you have any interest in a PG Queen movie?
Source: Latino-Review



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