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Finally we get a trailer for the dark comedy DON McKAY, which shows Thomas Haden Church still got the goods, and so does the ever gorgeous Elizabeth Shue. Having solid supporting peeps like Keith David and Pruitt Taylor Vince probably helps a heck of a lot too.

The film, from first time director Jake Goldberg, has Church playing a high school janitor who comes back to his hometown to reunite with his dying first love, but gets much more than he was hoping for. From what we can see in that thing, it feels like something the Cohens would've made. Just not the same quality, but then again who can top the Cohens?

No release date is known for the film yet, nor a reason for why the trailer calls it "Moment of Truth"; personally I'd stick with Don McKay, much funnier ring to it. And kinda sounds like Don Cherry. Who doesn't love him???

Thanks to the folks of Quiet Earth for pointing it out the trailer; here it is right down there.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, we were cordially asked to wait for an official trailer to put up instead of the one we had. And I'm not even being sarcastic - we were asked in a very friendly manner,  and since I'm a nice guy, well... And I'm not sarcastic here either, I AM a nice guy. No really. I mean it. Oh come on, if Michael Bay can't take a few funny potshots...

As soon as we get wind of the official thing, we'll make it up to y'all.

Extra Tidbit: M. Emmet Walsh is in there? I honestly thought he was dead. Nice to see him still kickin' it!
Source: Quiet Earth



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