Donald Glover jokingly laments his diet preparations for Han Solo Movie

If I were Donald Glover, I’d be feeling pretty good about my lifestyle choices, right now. Fresh off of his winning a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy for FX’s Atlanta, Glover is now hyper-focused on getting in shape for his upcoming role as Lando Calrissian for the upcoming UNTITLED HAN SOLO STAR WARS ANTHOLOGY FILM. Cast beside Alden Ehrenreich, who is set to play a younger version of Harrison Ford’s smart-talking space rogue in the film, Glover aims to whip himself into top physical condition before stepping into the role of the interstellar lothario played by Billy Dee Williams in the original Star Wars Trilogy.

In talking with USA Today, after his Golden Globe win, Glover stated the following about his plans to bulk up and look damn good before the cameras start rolling:

Not getting to eat anything enjoyable for the rest of my life,” Glover joked. “Lando’s a big deal to me. It was literally the first toy I ever got. When you have something that’s kind of iconic ... where people pay attention to it, it’s hard because you want to live up to the expectation. But all you can do is live up to your own. And Star Wars is really high.

It does my heart good to hear Glover speak so highly about the Lando Calrissian character. Lando is without a doubt one of my favorite humans from the Star Wars Universe, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the writer, producer, actor, and hip-hop sensation, Donald Glover, will do the Calrissian character a whole lot of justice. Personally, ever since Glover made me pee my pants with laughter, while playing the character Troy Barnes on the on-again-off-again comedy series Community, I knew that he was destined for big things.

You can catch more of Glover’s acting chops by checking out FX’s ATLANTA, and again when he makes an appearance in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING film set for a July 7, 2017 release.

Extra Tidbit: Yo, if you haven't checked out Glover on FX's Atlanta, what the hell are you waiting for? Go watch it, now!
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