Don't act like you're not impressed with these new promo videos for Anchorman 2

Did you wake up still drunk, full of candy and next to some girl that looked much better the night before when she was dressed as a sexy Hamburglar? Well, these new videos featuring Ron Burgundy are sure to make the rest of your day just a little bit better. Will Ferrell filmed two special Halloween messages for yesterday's holiday: one for Americans, and one for people living in the UK. Why two different ones? Because as Ron Burgundy puts it in the video, "In America we celebrate properly, with drunken adults dressed like serial killers, hiding in front gardens, giving candy to strangers' children." Can't argue with that.

Will Ferrell also filmed a new video introducing Ron Burgundy's "highly anticipated" memoir Let Me Off at the Top! My Classy Life and Other Musings. Ferrell will be appearing on Conan soon as Mr. Burgundy to promote his memoir (and the new movie, of course), which should be a treat considering the last time he was on the show as the character he announced the sequel.

ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES hits theaters December 20th, 2013. Stay classy, internet.

Extra Tidbit: Did any of you go as Ron Burgundy for Halloween yesterday?
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