Don't be frightened, Monsters University has a new director

Here's a brief bit of news for everyone.

The prequel to MONSTERS INC., MONSTERS UNIVERSITY has found a director. Who pray tell is this gentleman of leisure and class? It's Dan Scanlon, the helmer for the CARS short, MATER AND THE GHOSTLIGHT.

Pete Docter was the director for the first film. Does the directing change bother anyone? I didn't see the CARS short, but with this being a prequel I can see why they might bring in a new director.

Noticed that a few of you were upset for several different reasons when it came up that the story would be a prequel. A few of you mentioned that you wanted more original content, more Boo, a sequel for THE INCREDIBLES, and so on. I agree with all these things, though I really think that MONSTERS U might be something really fun.

It was also confirmed that Billy Crystal and John Goodman would be back on to lend their voices to Mike and Sully. In case you didn't hear, the story will be about how Mike and Sully first met and despite their differences became good friends.

Extra Tidbit: Kind of reminds me of Casper's Scare School.
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