Don't believe everything you hear about why Tim Miller left Deadpool 2

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We all know the story by now, after the huge success of DEADPOOL led to a sequel being green-lit, director Tim Miller departed the project under mysterious circumstances which were rumoured to involve creative differences with Ryan Reynolds in regards to the casting and scale of the film. All caught up? Good. We haven't heard much from Miller himself about his departure, but the director finally broke his silence during a 90-minute interview with CG Garage (via Collider) in which he says not to believe everything you read on the internet.

I just want to say one thing to the geek audience out there, because it’s important to me what the geeks and nerds of the world think because they are my brothers and sisters. I didn’t want to make some stylized movie that was 3 times the budget. If you read the internet — who cares, really - but for those of you who do, I wanted to make the same kind of movie that we made before because I think that’s the right movie to make for the character. So don’t believe what you read on the internet.

The casting issues apparently began when Miller wanted to cast Kyle Chandler as Cable, a choice which Ryan Reynolds didn't agree with, but Miller says that Chandler was "not going to be Cable" and that it kills him to read that kind of stuff online. As for Reynolds' recent comments that DEADPOOL was "very, very difficult" to make, Miller also takes issue with that.

Even when some people go, “The movie was really hard to make.” The movie was a joy to make. I think you see it on screen. We all had such a good time. We had a few arguments in post, but nothing more than usual. The crew was so great, everybody was going to come back and we were going to have such a good time and the idea that it was a difficult movie…It wasn’t, it was a joy, and it was the best experience of my life.

Although Miller doesn't really offer up any alternative reasons for his departure, you definitely get the sense that there's more to this story than is being reported. Tim Miller doesn't have any harsh feelings towards the sequel however, saying that he wishes "them nothing but good — I hope it’s great. I hope it’s a great movie. Because I love the character and I think it’s great, and I love all the actors and I want to see them successful again. I haven’t met David, but he’s a great guy from everything I’ve heard. I want nothing but the best for the character." DEADPOOL 2 is set for a January 12, 2018 release.



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