Fede Alvarez says Don't Breathe 2 script is done, could be his next project

Before Fede Alvarez was turning Lisbeth Salander (Claire Foy) into a badass action hero in THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB he was established as a force in the horror game with the EVIL DEAD remake and DON’T BREATHE. He might be returning to those roots now that WEB is about to hit theaters, and while fans of DEAD and BEATHE may be dying for sequels to both movies, he recently revealed that one is certainly further along than the other.

The director was speaking with MovieWeb in promotion for WEB when asked about a Twitter poll he released not long ago asking followers which sequel they would like to see first – DON’T BREATHE 2 or EVIL DEAD 2. There were way more people in the DEAD camp – which is not surprising given the fan base – but Alvarez was slightly bummed, as he’s more interested in doing a sequel to his original creation first.

“I’ve learned to shut my mouth when it comes to these things. We just never want to play with anyone’s expectations. When I tweeted that I was interested in seeing what people prefer. We were having some internal debates about what people would be interested in most. Unfortunately, ‘Evil Dead 2’ won. Which, I guess I would have preferred ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ to win because it’s one of my own creations. Obviously, ‘Evil Dead’ has the bigger following. So that’s what happened.”

The Twitter poll didn’t exactly have an impact on which project he would work on, as BEATHE 2 is much further along in the process with a completed script, and Alvarez hinted that depending on what other projects may come along he will get to work on a sequel to the horror hit.

“We do have a script for ‘Don’t Breathe 2.’ That’s the only difference. We don’t have a script for ‘Evil Dead 2.’ But we do have a script for ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ that we wrote. Once I’m done with [‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’] we’re gonna start thinking of ways to bring that story to the screen. Me directing or me producing. It really depends on the time that we’ll have. I’m particularly excited about that because it’s a really different sequel, when it comes to sequels. It’s a very different approach and I’m excited about that.”

Coming out in the latter half of 2016 DON’T BREATHE (starring Jane Levy, Stephen Lang and Dylan Minnette) managed to be one of the year’s surprise hits, earning rave reviews and making about $150 million at the box office off a $10 million budget. EVIL DEAD (also starring Levy) was also no slouch at the box office when it came out, with the gorefest managing nearly $100 million at the box office with a budget under $20 million. Both movies were distributed by Sony, which no doubt gave the studio enough confidence to let him helm SPIDER’S WEB.

While DEAD was certainly a bloody-good time, I would also prefer to see a BREATHE sequel first. There's plenty of content in the EVIL DEAD universe for fans, but BREATHE left things off on an ominous note, and I would love to see where Levy's and Lang's characters ended up and what the sequel has in store for them. Although I do hope that, if the two characters cross paths again, that Levy remembers to wear fluffy slippers this time.

THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER'S WEB hits theaters November 9.

Source: MovieWeb



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