Don't Breathe adds a new red-band trailer to take you out of the dark

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Horror flicks tend to have too much revealed as of late with the way studios have been selling them to the general public. Therefore, if you want to head into DON'T BREATHE, you might want to avert your eyes or click away or something that won't have you taking a good, hard look at this red-band trailer for the film. 

But if that doesn't bother you, then watch away for the latest sneak peek that once again hints that the positive buzz the film has been generating in advance may be on-point. There is plenty to pique your interest here, and those who have managed to lay eyes on it (no pun intended, given the film's premise) have been pleasantly surprised by the final cut. Maybe this is what you need to get you off the fence about checking it out. 

DON'T BREATHE, starring Jane Levy, Stephen Lang, and Dylan Minnette opens in theaters on August 26.

Source: Screen Gems



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