Don't worry, Catwoman does have ears, sort of

There was much fuss about Anne Hathaway's Catwoman DARK KNIGHT RISES costume, or lack thereof, when it was first revealed in an official photo a few weeks ago.

The issues were that it didn't look enough like an actual costume, merely a chick in spy gear, why she was wearing those insane sunglasses/goggles, and where oh where were those signature ears?

Well those two things appear to be tied together. Sources who have been to the set are saying that those goggles when lifted and worn atop her head, actually have protrusions that somewhat resemble cat ears, which is the specific intention of the costume design. It's just another way that Nolan's Batman universe stays more grounded in reality, although to be fair, Batman himself has always had ears and no one was complaining about that.

Below you can see an ultra zoom of the goggles in question. I don't see anything inherently pointy, but I suppose there are enough pieces that it could create the desired effect. Might we get another look in the future that shows them in the locked and upright position?

Extra Tidbit: Do you think she looks better, or Bane? I haven't heard many going wild about either yet.
Source: ComicBookMovie



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