Doomed college students struggle to stay awake in Sleep No More trailer

Everyone knows that a good night's sleep is essential to having a sound mind and body, but what if you could go "beyond Thunderdome" by cutting sleep out of your life entirely? Would you miss dreaming? Could the act of staying awake for more than a few days unlock abilities buried in your subconscious? Is the feel and smell of clean sheets worth more than a psychological breakthrough for the ages? These are just a few questions that you can ask yourself as you watch the trailer for SLEEP NO MORE, an upcoming horror film from the creator of FINAL DESTINATION, and the director of DEAD AWAKE.

In SLEEP NO MORE, five graduate students are conducting a study to prove the theory that once you’ve passed 200 hours without sleep, you will never need sleep again. As the hours tick by and their struggle to stay awake intensifies, they each start to have strange and unsettling experiences. Visions from the past, violent impulses and terrifying waking nightmares begin to take hold and turn this experiment into a desperate fight for survival.

Written by Jason Murphy (THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN), and directed by Phillip Guzman (A KISS AND A PROMISE), SLEEP NO MORE stars Keli Price (UNDERDOG RISING, SIDE EFFECTS), Lukas Gage (ASSASSINATION NATION), Yasmine Aker (12 STRONG, The 100), Brea Grant (HALLOWEEN II, DEXTER), Stephen Ellis (HAIL, CAESAR, DELIVERY MAN) and Christine Dwyer (GOSSAMER, DROP DEAD DRUNK).

SLEEP NO MORE will arrive via VOD, Digital and DVD formats beginning on October 2nd.

Source: RLJE Films



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