Doomsday details

DOG SOLDIERS and THE DESCENT director Neil Marshall is taking a long hard look the end of the world with his next flick, the postapocalyptic sci-fi story DOOMSDAY. Fortunately he's got someone as fit as Rhona Mitra to save us.

While shooting scenes recently, Marshall let slip a few more details about the story, partly set in a post-virus Scotland that Mitra must infiltrate to obtain the cure. "She goes through from the wall up to Glasgow and then farther north," Marshall says of her quest. "The farther north she gets, the more back in time she goes. It's like a Heart Of Darkness journey. There's a Kurtz character running a feudal society and living in a castle. He used to be a scientist - he's the guy who found the cure and he's taken on this kind of God-like stature up there."

The sinister scientist will be played by Malcolm McDowell, part of a mostly Brit cast that also includes Bob Hoskins, Alexander Siddig, Adrian Lester, Sean Pertwee, and several other actors from Marshall's previous two films.
Extra Tidbit: Marshall's name has been associated with the unofficial "Splat Pack" of new horror filmmakers that also includes Eli Roth, Rob Zombie and Alexandre Aja.
Source: The Scotsman



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